2019 Leadership Report & future vision

Letter From The CEO


Leadership requires patience and kindness, resilience and grit: a hard-edged hope.

Chapter 1

Why Focus on Leadership

Today’s challenges call for leadership with a different mindset and new skills: the ability to bring together diverse actors, to solve problems with people and to shift systems by mobilizing stakeholders to drive change.

chapter 2

Measuring What Matters

Our Fellows Program has had a deep focus on developing moral leaders. We’re taking an in-depth look at the Fellows to better understand the power moral leadership can have.

chapter 3

A Global University, Reimagined

We are setting out to build the vanguard of 10,000 leaders by 2022 who will lead change for the next 100 million.

chapter 4

The Next Five Years

Over the next five years we will build the vanguard to transition to a more inclusive, sustainable society built upon shared values.


Our Community of Co-Conspirators

Our strategic and financial supporters.

Leadership in Action

Acumen’s Leadership work spans the globe, equipping social innovators with the tools, skills and mindset to lead in today’s world.